About R.H.E.M.A.
Ron Herrod Evangelism Ministries Association

RHEMA is a Greek word meaning "word from God". "And take the helmet of salvation, and sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Eph. 6:17).  God has given us a "word" for this ministry.  Incidentally, R.H.E.M.A. also stands for Ron Herrod Evangelism Ministries Association.

The vision of R.H.E.M.A. is to devote four months each year to overseas crusades and to provide full support for national pastors and evangelists.

R.H.E.M.A. is supported solely by free will love offerings from churches and individuals.  The annual budget provides for personnel, maintaining an office, travel and support of overseas personnel in various parts of the world, now including 10 nations.

R.H.E.M.A. is incorporated in the state of Tennessee and federally tax exempt as an IRS approved 501(C)3 organization.  A complete financial audit is conducted annually and under the supervision of a Board comprised of Godly men and women.  Dr. Herrod is also accountable to his pastor and each pastor he works with.  For over 50 years of Christian ministry, Dr. Herrod has established an impeccable record of integrity and trust. R.H.E.M.A. believes this is of utmost importance.

The Name

A World Vision


Integrity and Accountability